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Take the HAVERKAMP feeling home with you und browse through our little shop with products especially made for us – and for you!

We can of course send your favorite HAVERKAMP product to your home address.

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from € 5,50 / Night

fruit spread from local blackberries
from 70 % fruits
Ingredients: fruits, jelly sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon juice
BRIEFLY TOLD Martin Seiffert, who is a trained cook, has made boss made fruit spread from local blackberries – and it...
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Skulls: salt and pepper shaker

from € 15,00 / Night

Salt and pepper shaker
made of porcelain
€ 15,00
BRIEFLY TOLD They add flavor to life: Even more – the salt and pepper shaker Skulls is an eye-catcher on...
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from € amount of your choice / Night

Voucher for the WEINROT restaurant
Voucher for an overnight stay or a special
GIFT IDEA: TIME TO ENJOY From breakfast buffet to dinner: You can get a voucher for our WEINROT restaurant for...
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from € 13,50 / Night

Sparkling wine
extra dry
11 % vol.
BRIEFLY TOLD Why did we name our sparkling wine VORSPIEL (foreplay)? The reason is, of course, that it is the...
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WEINrot & WEISSwein

from € from 13,50 / Night

WeinROT I Pinot Noir & St. Laurent I € 14,50
WEISSwein I Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay I € 13,50
2018 I 0,75 l
BRIEFLY TOLD For our EDITION WEINROT we only choose special, characterful wines and partnerships with wineries that have much in...
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from € 25,50 / Night

Coconut I Rum I Spirit
38 % vol.
0,5 l
BRIEFLY TOLD It is sweet tension, the fascination of the unknown, it is burning curiosity and the desire to try...
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from € 29,50 / Night

matured in oak barrels
40 % vol.
BRIEFLY TOLD Aqua Vitae – water of life – was once ascribed to have medical healing power.  For the people...
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from € 29,50 / Night

taste experience of peppermint, chocolate and nuts
54 % vol.
BRIEFLY TOLD To give one’s heartblood (HERZBLUT) for something, means to use all skills and commitment to achieve a goal....
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from € 25,50 / Night

Hazelnut brittle liqueur
28 % vol.
0,5 l
BRIEFLY TOLD What Don Juan and Giacomo Casanova are for the ladies this liqueur is for the bar: a real seducer....
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from € 48,00 / Night

Genuine Barbados rum
40 % vol.
0,7 l
BRIEFLY TOLD This Barbados rum is a real treasure. It is made of fine molasses from the sugar cane of...
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