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We don’t always fit in. Because we like to stand out.

We love to surprise. Now and then we even enjoy to provoke. Tension is part of life after all.

We take a lot personally.
Our boss cooks the jam for the buffet himself and
sometimes he even takes a shower while wearing a suit.

We are a hotel for business travelers and tourists. 
For people who like to get to know people.

We are in business over 85 years.
Because we like change, you don’t see the age.
We are visual people with visions. Design or no design.

We are family-led in the second generation.
That is why we are open minded and independent,
bold and passionate without a hotel chain breathing down our neck.

In short: We love what we do.
We like being hosts for people from all over the world.

We look forward to meeting you!

Kind regards

Martin and Emina Seiffert
the Haverkamp-Team

Martin Seiffert

Trained Chef I Qualified Economist I Gentleman I Host

 The boss makes a lot a matter for the boss: especially his guests.

He knows his hotel like the back of his hand since he already redesigned it completely. And because a hotel is never completed, he always finds a new project that he passionately follows.


Storyteller I Quality Manager I Germanist I Hostess

The former conceptioner and copy writer in an advertising agency now only writes, takes photos, designs and advertises for her favorite product: Hotel Haverkamp.

Forgive her exuberant choice of words: It is simply true love!


Host (m/f/d)

A warm check in, a tidy room, a nice taste experience, a well-mixed drink: Our employees have many different tasks, but a consistent job title: host!

Warm hospitality is your passion?
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