LEBENSFREUDE I 2015 I Blanc de Noir I dry I € 14,50
LEICHTIGKEIT I 2015 I Pinot Gris I dry I € 12,50
LIEBELEI I 2013 I Saint Laurent I dry I € 15,00
LEIDENSCHAFT I 2013 I Cuvée I Pinot Noir I Cabernet Sauvignon I Merlot I dry I € 19,00
Package price € 55,00


The Winery Gröhl is just like the HOTEL HAVERKAMP a family business.

We share the passion for wines with a strong character – with fine flavors and a taste one remembers.

The Winery Gröhl grows wine in the 12th generation and owns approximately 20 hectare of vines.

The great quality of the vineyards offer the best conditions for our own EDITION WEINROT. 

Each wine has its own character –
the LEBENSFREUDE (enjoyment of life) is fresh and sparkling,
the LEICHTIGKEIT (lightness) is mild und fruity,
the LEIDENSCHAFT (passion) is charming and charismatic
and the LIEBELEI (flirtation) is lively and warm-hearted.